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Boise Luxury Cat Boarding

Cozy Cat Resort is the Boise area’s newest premier cat boarding facility. Designed with cats in mind, we tried to think of everything to make your cats stay the best possible.

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Whether your cat is a grazer or follows a strict meal-time regimen, we cater to each cat’s needs. Let’s face it, food is essential! We’ll get it right every time! Does your cat look forward to addictive green treats or catnip? Just let us know what is allowed, and happiness will abound!

Cat Playing at Cozy Cat Resort


Kitty playtime is so very important! We’ll make sure your cat gets lots of feline enrichment time. Bring your favorite toys, or we’ll experiment with our collection. We’ll have a great time with strings, balls, scratchers, yarn, and other favorites.

Stay at Cozy Cat Resort


When it’s time for a cat nap, or sleeping all day, or night, your cat will enjoy a plush bed or blanket, soft music, and a peaceful, and bark-free environment. Sweet dreams, kitty!

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We don’t like cats….We LOVE cats!

We started Cozy Cat Resort because we were not feeling the love out there with many other boarding options. We understand cats and their needs. Cats are intelligent and particular. They love quiet, low-stress, clean environments. We cater to each cat’s specific needs and desires. Some cats like to hide in a safe place and only briefly come out to eat and socialize. Other cats enjoy lots of enrichment time, like playing and climbing up the walls, watching TV, or climbing the walls. We love figuring out each cat’s personality and preferences and catering to them. At Cozy Cat Resort, cats are the priority, not an afterthought, stuck in a crate in the utility room, with dogs barking in the kennel on the other side of the wall.

We encourage you to set up a time to stop by for a tour. Pictures don’t do justice to showing the luxury suites, play areas, and other cat-centric amenities we offer. It’s essential to see a clean, safe, happy environment.

Open Hours for Drop Off & Pick Up

9a – 11a
2p – 5p

If these times don’t work for you, give us a call to see if we can schedule you for after hours.

Feline-centric Benefits

Cozy Cat Resort is the area’s newest premier cat boarding facility. Designed with cats in mind, we tried to think of everything to make your cats stay the best possible. Some features that set us apart from conventional kennels are the following:

Individual spacious rooms and condos, designed with felines in mind.

Choice of litter.

Play time.

Careful watch on special needs cats, such as diabetic cats.

Vet clinic next door.

Staff are cat-centric cat lovers!

Natural and adjustable lighting to achieve your cat’s perfect lighting.

Secure buffer zone between the front door and interior entrance to prevent escape.

Extreme cleaning with cat friendly cleaning agents.

Option to keep your cats together or in adjoining rooms.

Medication/injections/sub-q fluids administered as instructed.

Hi-tech cameras and Nest smoke/carbon monoxide monitoring.

Temperature controlled environment for maximum comfort.

Daily reports and photos sent to you.

Spacious play room for cats needing extra activity.



4202 W Overland Rd
Boise, ID 83705
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