Cozy Cat Resort Policies

Our Policies

Welcome to Cozy Cat Resort, where we prioritize the well-being, comfort, and happiness of our feline guests! To ensure that every kitty has the best possible experience during their stay, we’ve carefully crafted a set of policies that outline our standards for care, safety, and cleanliness. These policies, which we kindly ask all pet parents to review and adhere to, help us maintain a harmonious and luxurious environment for every whiskered visitor. Rest assured that our expertly trained staff is dedicated to providing the highest level of care for your furry family members, so you can enjoy peace of mind while you’re away.

Business Hours

Open hours for drop off and pick up:

  • Morning drop off 8-11 am (early check in charged as ½ day)
  • Evening 5-7pm (regular nightly price)

All other hours by appointment only


Payments and Deposits


Non Holiday

  • One night deposit is needed to book
  • 48 hr window to get a refund or credit for future services
  • No show or cancel under 48 hours will not get a refund
  • Full payment is due at the time of drop off

All pricing subject to change with no notice



  • 3 night minimum stay required
  • One night deposit due in order to book
  • 7 days notice for cancellation
  • Holiday period is 3 days before and 3 days after the holidays and may be subject to holiday pricing
  • Cancellation within 7 day period receive 50% of the deposit, before 7 days full refund or credit to future

We accept cash, check, debit, Visa/MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.


Disease Prevention

We are very committed to ensuring the safety of all our feline guests. Because of the infectious nature of things such as respiratory viruses and parasites, we will have to cancel your reservation if your cat is found to have either symptoms of an upper respiratory infection or ringworm at drop-off. If your cat is found to have fleas, we will treat it appropriately and you will be charged for this accordingly.  If your cat has a chronic respiratory condition that can be confused with acute disease, we will ask for complete veterinary records before completing your reservation.



Because we never mix cats from different households and do everything possible to minimize exposure between cats, we only require a current FVRCP vaccine (Feline herpes, calici, panleukopenia). Medical waivers from your vet will be accepted. You will be required to provide veterinary proof of vaccination. We do not require Rabies or FeLV since these diseases are not contagious without direct contact between cats. Because no vaccines are available for every communicable disease nor guarantee your cat will not become ill during their stay, treatment for any communicable disease will be your responsibility and at your expense.


Serious Illness

If your cat develops symptoms of any serious illness while you are away, we will transport your cat to either your veterinarian of choice (if they are available) or a veterinarian of our choosing, depending on the severity of the situation. We will make every reasonable attempt to contact you before transporting your cat, but both transportation and veterinary services will be at your expense.



We will board elderly cats and those on medications, including fluids and insulin. Please ensure any medication you bring is appropriately labeled and not expired, and all the supplies for administration are provided. If your cat is too challenging to handle, please be advised that we will do our best not to put ourselves at risk of a bite injury. If your cat doesn’t eat well while here, we reserve the right to offer different foods or use an appetite stimulant if we deem it necessary. Mild vomiting or diarrhea will also be treated as necessary since these are common stress responses in cats. Medication administration will be at your expense.


Food and Litter

We highly recommend bringing your cat’s food from home to minimize stress and intestinal issues. However, if you prefer to use our food, we will feed Iams brand food. We support the feeding of raw diets and would be happy to accommodate that, but we encourage you to provide your own. You will be charged accordingly if you want us to provide the raw diet. We provide both plant based, scoopable litter as well as unscented scoopable clay litter. If you would prefer to provide your own, you are welcome to do so. There are no discounts for providing your food or litter.


Personal Items

Upon arrival, we will take a detailed inventory of your items, review any medications, go over your preferred feeding protocol, and discuss any additional concerns. Please understand we can not be responsible for damaged or lost personal items but we take every precaution not to let this happen. Please inquire about bringing personal items such as bedding or toys.



4202 W Overland Rd
Boise, ID 83705
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