Types of Cat Boarding

Types of Cat Boarding: Luxury Comfort for Your Furry Friend

Have you ever pondered, halfway into packing for your long-awaited vacation, ‘What about Whiskers?’ Allowing your furry friend to retain the comfort and familiarity of their home environment while you’re away seems ideal but often isn’t feasible due to the absence of constant care and supervision. That’s when cat boarding comes into play, introducing a new realm of pet service that’ll let your feline friend taste relaxation and fun while you’re away.

The world of cat boarding is wider and more varied than you might imagine. There’s a whole spectrum of boarding options — from the convenient home-like environment of a cat sitter’s abode to the luxurious and spacious kitty condos offering a range of exclusive amenities. This ever-growing industry innovates to ensure your pet experiences ease and comfort even when you’re not around. They also aim to provide our little feline buddies with a stimulating and engaging environment catering to their preferences and needs. So, knowing which type of cat care suits your pet the most is essential for a stress-free vacation for you and your pet!

Imagine Whiskers lounging in a plush kitty condo with various toys or basking under the personalized attention of a professional pet sitter. Pretty comforting, right? As we delve deeper into this topic, we will identify the key differentiating factors among various services, their pros and cons, and how they contribute to meeting your cat’s unique needs. This much-needed roadmap to the world of cat boarding will enable you to select the best boarding service for your cat, ensuring the utmost care for your favorite feline while you are away. Let’s discover the ultimate feline boarding experience for your cherished pet. From here, we will address the question: What exactly is cat boarding?

What are the Different Types of Cat Boarding Services Available?

Types of Cat Boarding: Luxury Comfort for Your Furry Friend

Whether you’re off to a vacation or need to be out of town for some time, ensuring your furry friend is safe is crucial. Different types of cat boarding services offer varying levels of comfort and attention for your cat. The variety of boarding cat services available includes traditional cat boarding, luxury cat boarding, in-home cat boarding, and specialty cat boarding. 

Traditional Cat Boarding

Traditional cat boarding is a common type of cat care service. In this arrangement, your cat stays in a designated area with essential amenities such as meals, litter boxes, and toys. It’s a reliable service, especially if your cat doesn’t require any special attention.

However, depending on the facility, your cat might not have much personal attention or interactive playtime. Also, your furry friend might have to stay in a small cage or shared space with other cats, which could be stressful, particularly for shy or scaredy cats. If your cat is easygoing and doesn’t require a lot of pampering, traditional boarding might be your best bet. 

Luxury Cat Boarding

Imagine a pet care service that offers things like plush beds and suites, gourmet meals, private playtimes, and even pet spa treatments! That’s luxury cat boarding for you. These facilities are designed to give your cat a boutique hotel-like experience, complete with top-notch care and extra pet services. 

While luxury cat boarding is undeniably tempting, it comes with a heftier price tag. Moreover, not all cats may appreciate the hustle and bustle of such upscale cat boarding options. 

Specialty Services in Luxury Cat Boarding

The unique feature of luxury cat boarding is the diverse range of specialty services. From grooming and stretching sessions to pet massages, aromatherapy, and salon services, such specialty services can take your cat’s pampering game to the next level. 

In-home Cat Boarding

Unlike traditional or luxury cat boarding, in-home cat boarding services let your cat stay in the familiarity of its own home or a pet sitter’s home. A pet sitter visits your home as arranged to feed, play, and clean up after your cat. It scores high in personalized attention and lower stress levels as your pet can stay in familiar surroundings.

The downside? You’re entrusting someone with your house keys and your pet. Also, if your cat falls sick, the caretaker might not have the required pet care urgency compared to a boarding facility.  If you are looking for an in home pet sitter, contact The Pet Sitter of Boise.

In-home Cat Boarding versus Facility Cat Boarding

Choosing between in-home and facility cat boarding boils down to your cat’s temperament and preference. If your cat is more independent and territorial, in-home boarding could be a good idea. On the other hand, if your cat enjoys socializing, a boarding facility might be the way to go.

How Does Cat Boarding Work?

Types of Cat Boarding: Luxury Comfort for Your Furry Friend

Cat boarding is a reliable solution for cat lovers traveling, temporarily unable to provide care, or seeking socialization for their furry friends. But what exactly does the boarding process for cats look like, and how does day-to-day pet care play a role in ensuring our feline friends remain happy and healthy during their stay? Let’s take a walk through the purring process.

Upon arrival at a cat boarding facility, your feline friend will likely be ushered into a comfortable, secure cat condo or suite. According to the Humane Society, each boarding facility follows a different set of protocols for cat care routine. Now, let’s explore the daily life behind those delightful little cat doors.

What is the Daily Routine in a Cat Boarding Facility?

Whether for a short stay or an extended vacation, understanding your cat’s daily routine in the boarding facility is crucial for your peace of mind and their wellbeing. 

Here is a typical day-to-day schedule in a cat boarding facility:

  1. Wake up and breakfast time: Cats are served their meals first thing in the morning, just like they would at home.
  2. Cleaning Time: Their suites are cleaned, and litter boxes are refreshed.
  3. Playtime: Cats receive individual playtime with toys and climbing frames, aiding their physical and mental well-being.
  4. Quiet Time: Cats can relax and nap in their cozy suits after a fun-filled session.
  5. Dinner Time: The cats are fed their dinner in the evening.
  6. Night check: Before lights out, each cat is checked for overall well-being and settled in for the night. 

This all-encompassing approach ensures that each cat receives the best possible daily cat care, considering their physical and emotional needs.

At first glance, cat boarding may seem like a challenging adjustment for your pet. However, with a clearer understanding of the boarding process and the daily routine, this option can provide a safe, enjoyable and enriching environment for your cat while you’re away. 

In the next section, we’ll discuss the factors you should consider to choose the best cat boarding facility for your furry family member. Keep reading to get the full scoop!

How to Choose the Best Cat Boarding Facility?

Types of Cat Boarding: Luxury Comfort for Your Furry Friend

When selecting the best cat boarding facility, there are a few crucial aspects to consider which can make the difference between a ho-hum and a haute experience for your swirling tail friend. Is the facility clean and well-maintained? What are the qualifications of the staff? Does the environment offer plenty for a cat to do, see, and explore? And are the policies clearly communicated to you?  These are some of the essential considerations for cat boarding evaluation.

The cleanliness of a facility speaks volumes about its attention to detail. A well-cared-for site helps protect your four-legged friend from contagious conditions. An easy evaluation tip is arranging a pre-board visit to review the accommodation. Your nose and eyes should be your guide!

Qualifications of the staff are vitally important. An environment staffed with professional cat handlers is a must. They should be experienced in cat behavior, have basic training in feline health issues, and, ideally, comforting techniques.

Moreover, it’s also necessary that the boarding place provides adequate opportunities for environmental enrichment. A great quality facility would incorporate enough activities for feline residents to stimulate mental and physical activity. After all, you don’t want your cat to spend its stay in boredom!

Lastly, clear operational policies should be communicated to cat parents. Ask questions about their drop-off and pick-up policies, emergency handling protocols, feeding plans, etc. They should be clear, practical, and aimed at offering the best comfort and care during the cat’s stay. The International Boarding & Pet Services Association’s guidelines could be helpful as a standard check for these policies.

What Should You Pack for Your Cat?

Types of Cat Boarding: Luxury Comfort for Your Furry Friend

Getting ready for a trip? If cat boarding is in the plan, you must answer one important question: What should you pack for your cat? 

Firstly, have a packing checklist for cat boarding. This will act like your safety net, reducing the chance of forgetting something critical. Be sure to include essentials like your cat’s favorite food, any medication they might be on, and some toys for entertainment.

The major game-changer here includes personal items and familiar belongings. Bringing over your cat’s favorite blanket, bed, or special toy can make the boarding environment feel more like home. This can significantly reduce the stress your cat might feel during boarding. This isn’t just a sentimental notion. The American Pet Products Association states that pets, including cats, tend to exhibit lower stress levels when interacting with familiar items from home. Check out this article for more insights.

What Vaccinations Does My Cat Need Before Boarding?

Before jumping in, let us understand the basics – Why do cats need vaccinations before boarding? Well, your cat will be in a new environment surrounded by other animals. To ensure the safety and health of all pets within the facility, your cat must be up-to-date on all necessary vaccinations. 

Bringing us to our next important question – What vaccinations exactly? Commonly required cat vaccinations before boarding include Feline Panleukopenia (Feline Distemper), Feline Herpesvirus-1, and Feline Calicivirus. Additionally, it is recommended to vaccinate against Rabies. These will safeguard your cat against the most common and deadly diseases.

Remember, these vaccinations are not just part of a boarding requirement but play a significant role in preventative pet care. Keeping your furbaby vaccinated helps maintain their overall health and creates a safe environment for all pets within the boarding facility.

At the end of the day, your cat’s comfort, safety, and health are what matters most. Whether packing those familiar items to provide a sense of home or ensuring they have all the necessary vaccinations, the goal is to make their cat boarding experience as smooth and stress-free as possible.

In the next section, we will discuss “How to Prepare Your Cat for Boarding?” so hang tight and continue reading to ensure your furry friend has the best possible experience!


In closing, we’ve covered a wide range of types of cat boarding services, ensuring every feline friend gets luxury treatment. Considering your cat’s distinctive personality and preferences, choosing the appropriate boarding service is pivotal. Whether it’s a suit-style cattery, condo cat boarding, or in-home cat sitting, these options are all dedicated to offering supreme satisfaction for your pet.

Veteran pet parents know preparation is essential in guaranteeing a positive pet boarding experience. A checklist might include their favorite toy, comforter, or familiar scents to help ease their transition. Being conscious of your cat’s diet, ensuring necessary vaccinations are in place, and communicating with the staff about your furry friend’s habits, should all be a part of your preparation process. 

Now to the crux of the matter—remember, our furry friends are part of our family, and we want them to feel comfortable, protected, and entertained during our absence. Making the right boarding choice is crucial. At Cozy Cat Resort, we assure you of this comfort, offering responsive and loving care that ensures their happiness and well-being. You can spend that time away, knowing your cat is in safe, loving paws.

Through this recap of cat boarding, you are now equipped to make an informed decision for your pet. Remember, a happy pet equals a happy owner! 

And if you’re still unsure, don’t hesitate to let Cozy Cat Resort bridge that gap and amplify your feline’s comfort during their boarding stay. Request a tour of the facility or make that booking today, and give your fur-baby the luxury they deserve!

Frequently Asked Questions about Types of Cat Boarding

What is Cat Boarding?

Cat boarding refers to a service provided by veterinary clinics, pet shops, or dedicated pet boarding establishments, where professionals take care of cats in a safe and comforting environment when their owners are away.

What are the Different Types of Cat Boarding?

There are several types of cat boarding, including traditional kennel or cattery boarding, in-home cat boarding (where the cat remains in their house and the pet sitter visits or stays there), and luxury cat boarding, including additional services and extra comfort facilities. 

What Services are Included in Cat Boarding?

Most cat boarding facilities offer feeding, playtime, and individual attention. 

What Facilities are Typically Provided in Luxury Cat Boarding?

Luxury cat boarding usually includes individual suites for each cat, outdoor views, climbing trees, interactive toys, regular playtime, grooming services, and sometimes even spa treatments.

How to Choose a Cat Boarding Facility?

When choosing a cat boarding service, factors to consider include the cleanliness of the facility, trained staff, emergency veterinary services, and reviews from other clients. It’s also essential to check if the environment suits your cat’s personality and needs.

Can Cats with Special Needs or Medical Conditions Use a Boarding Service?

Yes, Cozy Cat Resort can accommodate special needs or medically restricted cats. It’s important to provide all the necessary information about your cat’s medical condition and daily routine to the caretaker.

What Should I Pack for My Cat’s Stay at the Boarding Facility?

It’s advisable to bring your cat’s food, medications, favorite toys, and bedding. This can help make your cat feel more comfortable as they have familiar items with them.

How Much Does Cat Boarding Typically Cost?

The cost of cat boarding can vary based on the type of services and facilities provided, the location of the facility, and the duration of the stay. It can range from $15 to over $50 per day.  You can see Cozy Cat Resort rates here.

Can I Visit My Cat While They’re at the Boarding Facility?

This depends on the specific facility’s policies. Some may allow visits, while others might not, to avoid disrupting the cat’s routine and causing unnecessary stress.

Do Cats Enjoy Boarding Facilities?

Each cat is different. Some might enjoy the new environment and socialize with other cats or humans, while others prefer their home. It’s best to consider your cat’s personality before deciding on a boarding service.




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